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Help Bring Mission Be Mindful Education to Children!

Mission Be helps children and communities become self-regulated, happier and more peaceful through two evidence-based mindfulness programs

Mission Be helps children regulate emotions. We bring mindfulness-based social emotional learning programs to schools as an antidote to stress, violence, bullying and addiction and thereby increase the number of thriving, happy and peaceful children in the world. Mission Be's two programs are: 1) 8-21 Week In-Class Mindfulness Program for K-12 students and 2) Professional Development for Teachers 3) 18 hour weekend Mindful Educator Trainings for teachers and educators

Our school programs aim to improve children's academic and life success by building their skills of stress-management, inner-resilience, emotion regulation, and executive control, and overall physical and emotional well-being. Our curriculum helps children cultivate empathy and compassion towards themselves and others thereby helping to create safer and more nurturing school climates. Our trainings for teachers helps build teachers' own resilience and capacity to thrive in the classroom while providing them with a curriculum to bring mindfulness practices to their students.

Since launching in 2013 in New York, we have successfully implemented our mindful education curriculum in 118+ schools impacting 110,000+ students in New York and California. We have also trained thousands of educators in New York and California.